Call for dancers and performers

Call for pro and trainee dancers and performers

MEYER-CHAFFAUD company is looking for versatile creative dancers/performers that can generate material, have improvisation skills, can learn quickly new material and integrate new information. Jérôme and Isabelle are looking for dancers that like to read, can express them self verbally/vocally on the stage, have humour, have opinion about meaning of life, are funny in their own way, don’t fear to explore facet that could be labelled as ridiculous, are team players, enjoy working hard and can engage them self in the process beyond the hours spend in the studio.

The process will be split in blocks between fall 2018 and the premiere in April 2019 with tour fall 2019. For this reason, we are looking for dancers that live relatively close to Den Haag since travel fees are reimbursed only within the Netherlands.

When: 8,9,11 June 2018
Where: CLOUD/danslab Korzo theatre and NDC in The Hague

Send your cv, motivation letter and video link at

Deadline 31 May 2018

If you are unfamiliar with our work we strongly suggest you to come to see the performance SOUL#2PERFORMERS on 18-20 April in The Hague