MEYER-CHAFFAUD Dance company

MEYER-CHAFFAUD foundation it’s mission is to stimulate artistic innovation and exchanges between arts disciplines and to create new ways to engage the audience with the contemporary (staged)arts. With Jérôme Meyer’s and Isabelle Chaffaud’s rich knowledge and experience as dancers, choreographers and creators, the supporting of talent development of future generations of dancers and artists comes as a natural part of the ambitions.

MEYER-CHAFFAUD aims to fullfill it’s mission by :

  • The development and production of performances of Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud ;
  • The development, programming and production of the HUBS Immersive Festival : with this bi-annual, interdisciplinary festival the audience is immersed in a programme that puts the sensory experience of art in the spotlight
  • The coaching of future generations of dancers and artists

In their artistic careers Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud have developed themselves from excellent dancers, performing with world renowned companies such as Nederlands Dans Theater 1 and Batsheva Dance Company, into award winning choreographers of whom the work is touring nationally and internationally (to a.o. Switzerland, Germany, Italy, South Africa, France, USA, Indonesia, Lithuania, Egypt, Spain, United Kingdom, Russia and China). The dance vocabulary of MEYER-CHAFFAUD is raw, poetic and always personal. With their adventurous and at the same time sensitive approach Jérôme and Isabelle are able to woo an audience of dance lovers and -insiders as well as winning over a new generation of theatre audiences for their work. Since 2017 they are working on their SOUL-performances, of which the third part, SOUL #3 Co-Creation will premiere on May 23rd 2019.

Since 2017 MEYER-CHAFFAUD operates as an independent (dance)producer en is granted a multi-annual subsidy by the municipality of The Hague as part of their Kunstenplan 2017-2020. It is with thanks to NDT/Switch and partner Korzo Productions, who gave them their first chances to create their own work, that MEYER-CHAFFAUD has come to this point.

Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud initiated as board members two artists collective,  Maakhaven and CLOUD/danslab in The Hague.


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