A multidisciplinary dance journey and social experiment with a shared creative process

In the SOUL series, the choreographer’s duo Jérôme Meyer (CH/NL) and Isabelle Chaffaud (FR/NL) further deepen the search for man’s true nature. After SOUL #1 Audience where the audience was the center of attention, the public was offered a rare glimpse in the internal world of the performers in SOUL #2 Performers.

In the surprising SOUL #3 Co-creation, the choreographers hold a magnifying glass to the dynamics of co-creating a performance. What exactly happens when people enter a creation process together? Isabelle and Jérôme’s personal experiences as dancers, as a couple and as a choreographers duo formed the inspiration for Hans van den Boom’s performance text.* Whether it is the four powerful dancers, the often recognizable outpourings and reflections or- for those who like to experience this – the interactive element: SOUL # 3 Co-Creation is an intimate, touching performance.

SOUL #3 Co-creation is a multidisciplinary dance journey, a social experiment, a danced conference, and also a celebration; with SOUL #3 the duo celebrates 15 years of working together.


Den Haag 29 january Korzo preview
Den Haag 30 january Korzo preview
Den Haag 23 may Korzo
Den Haag 24 may Korzo
Den Haag 25 may Korzo
Den Haag 8 november HUBS Immersive festival
Den Haag 9 november HUBS Immersive festival
Leiden 15 november Ins Blau
Drachten 21 november De Lawei
Haarlem 14 januari Toneelschuur
Amsterdam 21 januari Bellevue
Den Haag 25 januari Dakota
Eindhoven 20 march Natlab
Hengelo 1 april Rabozaal
Den Haag 4 april DNR
Zwolle 14 april Zwolse Theaters


SOUL2_Poster_1-Claire Konstantino
SOUL #2 Performers – An exceptional cast of performers
In SOUL #2 Performers the audience gets a very personal view in the inner worlds of six top dancers, who originate from different dance generations. They share their stories in dance as well as text (the performance is partly spoken in English, which makes it accessible to non-Dutch speakers). Among them are David Krugel (who danced with the former Nederlands Dans Theater 3) and Claire Hermans (nominee for the Piket Art Prizes 2017) and Kinda Gozo (winner of Piket Art Prizes 2018).

About Dance company MEYER-CHAFFAUD
In their artistic careers Jérôme Meyer and Isabelle Chaffaud have developed themselves from excellent dancers, performing with world reknowned companies such as Nederlands Dans Theater 1 and Batsheva Dance Company, into award winning choreographers of whom the work was to be seen with among others Scapino Ballet Rotterdam, Introdans, Dance Works Rotterdam/André Gingras and Korzo Productions. The dance style of MEYER-CHAFFAUD is raw and poetic, groovy and always personal. With their adventurous and at the same time sensitive approach Jérôme and Isabelle are able to woo an audience of dance lovers as well as winning over a new generation of theatre audiences for their work. SOUL #2 Performers is the second MEYER-CHAFFAUD production since the choreographers spread their wings after a long lasting close co-operation within dance production house Korzo.
SOUL2_Poster_3-Quinty copySOUL2_Poster_2-Kinda Joao kl

This performance is realised with financial support of Fonds Podiumkunsten and the Municipality of The Hague. Facilitary co-producer: Korzo Productions. The performance in Russia is made possible with financial support by WeJansen fonds. 

Credits SOUL #2 Performers
Concept, direction: Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud
Choreography: Jérôme Meyer, Isabelle Chaffaud i.s.m. de performers
Performers: Claire Hermans, David Krugel, João Dinis Pinho, Konstantinos Kranidiotis, Kinda Gozo, Quinty Boer, Julia Campistany
Text: original text SOUL #2 Performers by Hans van den Boom,; in a free interpretation by Jérôme Meyer and performers
Music direction: Jérôme Meyer
Light design: Albert Tulling i.s.m. met Jérôme Meyer
Costume design: Isabelle Chaffaud

“‘SOUL #2 Performers’ is het tweede deel van een vierluik waarin de choreografen Meyer en Chaffaud theaterconventies opblazen om tot de kern, de ‘soul’, te komen” *** Trouw
“Het schakelen tussen verschillende perspectieven en rollen als toeschouwer,
als danser, als host, als collega, als choreograaf, is een goed begin” *** Theaterkrant