World premiere SOUL #4 CELEBRATE
2 October 2020 Zuiderstrandtheater

Being together, celebrating life, seeking connection and sharing experiences: we’ve all missed it so much these recent months. Slowly but surely, more is possible again. Yet, the ‘one-and-a-half-meter’ society makes everything different and recent developments are still disturbing.

We started working on SOUL #4 CELEBRATE way before the Corona situation impacted our lives. In August 2019 we wrote: “SOUL #4 is about the idea that ‘we are all one’ singular and plural at the same time and should celebrate this together. Yet the question also arises: what can we (soon) still celebrate when our projection of the future turns into a dystopia and the end of the world as we know it is in perspective?”…

We could not have imagined at the time that we would be facing such a crisis just a few months later.

In SOUL #4 CELEBRATE we present a powerful metaphor for the way in which we are all unique in our society, and still always connected to each other. Also, or perhaps especially, now, directly or indirectly echoing the current situation!

In our SOUL series, we’ve been researching the nature of humankind. In the earlier performances, we have involved close physical participations of the audience and our work has been reaching moments of climax when audience and performers bonded together. Boundaries disappeared, when individuals came together both emotionally and physically to embrace differences; they felt like one. With the 1,5 m regulation still in place, those close physical participations will not be part of the final piece. But together with our dancers we dive into the essence of those previous contacts, and will allow you – our audience – through raw and poetic dance, to experience what ‘being together’ and ‘connection’ can mean. And perhaps this will lead to an answer to the fascinating question: What are the visible and invisible strings that unite us?

We would love to welcome you at the Zuiderstrandtheater on Friday 2 October on 7 pm or 9 pm. Tickets are available though the website.

With love,
Jérôme & Isabelle

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